Xenomorph Amigurumi

After finishing the crochet Facehugger I had to make a cute xenomorph amigurumi 🙂

Bunny Cactus Amigurumi

This cute little Bunny Cactus is the perfect touch for your desk or nursery!

He stands 4.5 inches high, and comes with his own terracotta pot.


Crochet African Violet Plant

This beautiful house plant is handmade by me and makes a perfect gift for anyone!
It measures 3.5 inches high and come with it’s own terracotta pot.

The plant is attached to a crochet ‘dirt base’, but is easily removable from the pot if you’d like to use a different pot 🙂

Alien Facehugger Amigurumi!

So when a friend asked if I could make him a realistic sized Facehugger from the move Alien, I said YES immediately. About 10 minutes later as I started to sketch it out I realized what a daunting task I’d just agreed to. But after a few weeks, and crocheting about 10 feet of  beige tubes, it’s finally done!!

Here’s what an actual Facehugger looks like…

This is the completed pieces, before assembly…

My Facehugger is fully wired inside, making it easy to pose it any position you could want! Here’s a picture showing the inside wiring…this part was a challenge, but so worth it in the end

And finally the finished Facehugger! He’s enjoying some beautiful Nova Scotia spring weather


And a top down view..