Hot Chili Pepper Crochet Pattern!

Yarn Needed:
Orange (or any pepper color of your choice)

Suggested Brands: Red Heart Super Saver or similar

Other Tools:

Polyfil or stuffing of your choice

MC : magic circle
SC: single crochet
SL ST: slip stitch
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
CH: chain
BL: back loop

Veggie Toys Set of 10 Pieces

Set of 10 Crochet Vegetables!
(bowl not included)

These handmade veggie toys are great for little ones and adults alike! Bright and colorful they make great photography props as well!

Items included:

1 Eggplant (8 inches)
1 Tomato (3 inches)
1 Potato (3.5 inches)
1 Garlic (2.5 inches)
2 Mushrooms (2 inches)
2 Carrots (10 inches)
2 Broccoli (3 inches)

Pom Pom Flowers!

The yellow are available now 🙂 Black and white will be available soon!

These adorable yellow flowers will brighten any room and never need water!

Made with yarn pom poms and secured onto wire with floral tape. Each strand of yarn is gently separated to make the flowers extra fluffy.

Flowers measure approximately 9 inches long and will vary slightly.

Amigurumi Uterus

Crochet Plush Uterus with Ovaries

This adorable ‘Cuterus’ stands approximately 5 inches high and is made with wire in the fallopian tubes to keep them in place.

Makes a great gift for your OBGYN, Midwife or a hysterectomy gift for a friend or loved one 🙂


This cute crocheted Blobfish can be seen at the Hardware Gallery in Kentville, N.S. until March 27th!

The Nope

This may be my favorite piece showing now at the Hardware Gallery for the Prisms show! The Nope is a crocheted severed head, coated with a sealant for that extra gross look. It has clay sculpted finger bones and teeth hanging from it, as well as crochet fingers, ears, an eye and even a piece of ‘skin’! Totally creepy, but with the lights on it’s almost pretty, almost 🙂