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Halfway to Halloween CAL!

Post CAL update: Thank you everyone for the great turnout for the Binx CAL! The pattern is no longer available, however, the Black Cat pattern is very, very similar. Get the Black Cat pattern here!

MadebyJody666 + AltKnots are teaming up for a halfway to Halloween crochet event!

Grab a copy of the Binx the Cat crochet pattern and join us for Wednesday Lives 7pm cst all month!

Step 1: Click HERE to download your own copy of the Binx the Cat pattern. It will be available for free until April 30th 2022!

Step 2: Join the MadewithJody666 facebook group or the Alt Knots Ghoul Squad, or both! (if you’re not already a member).

Step 3: Hook up some Binx plushies and hang out with us on Wednedays 7pm cst at Alt Knots!! Use the hashtag #BinxCAL to tag your creations on any socials!


Nope! Go at your own pace and enjoy the process 🙂