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I’ve always been fascinated with local legends and boogeymen. All over the world we have stories that are passed down through generations about the creepy and scary things that lurk outside at night. Although the general warning is the same, be good, stay inside where it’s light and safe, or else! The manifestation of the horrors is oh so very different from one part of the world to another. And that is why I’ll be focusing on some of these very creepy and unusual creatures for my next few patterns. I want people from all of the world to be able to crochet their own version of the boogeyman!

Starting with……the Manananggal!

Hailing from the Philippines, the Manananggal is usually female, and is sometimes called the ‘self segmenting viscera sucker’! She can sever her upper torso from her legs (and leave them behind to pick up later). She also has an elongated proboscis-like tongue, and sprouts large bat-like wings! All this helps her to suck the blood of her sleeping victims (usually pregnant women and newlyweds or couples in love). How terrifying is that?
So, turns out sketching……not my thing, but the pattern of Becky the Manananggal will available soon!