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Just in time for Halloween!

Each finger measures about 3.5 inches long, and has a felt nail, as well as a bit of bone showing and a few bloody bits dangling on the end.

Check out the video tutorial and written pattern below!

This pattern will walk you through creating your very own Severed finger plush toy!
The finished size is approximately 3.5 inches long.

Yarn Needed:
Skin Tone

Suggested Brands: Red Heart Super Saver or similar

Other Tools:

Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
White felt
Brown thread or thin yarn
Glue or Hot Glue gun

Hook 3.5 mm
White Yarn
Start with Magic Circle
Round 1: 5 SC in magic circle (5)
Round 2: 2 SC in each st (10)
Round 3: (SC, INC) x 5 (15)
Round 4-10 : 15 SC (15)
Round 11: 3 FPSC, 12 SC (15)
Round 12: 15 SC (15)
Round 13: 1 SC, 3 FPSC, 11 SC (15)
Round 14-17: 15 SC (15)

Switch to Red Yarn

Round 18: 15 SC (15)
Round 19: DEC x 7 BLO, 1 SC (8)
Round 20: DEC x 2 BLO (6)

Switch to White

Round 20: 6 SC (6)
Round 21: 6 SC (6)

Stuff firmly, close hole using tail of yarn and a darning (or any large) needle, weaving through the front loops (6), pull tight and secure with knot. Insert needle through the center of these stitches and push through to the other side of the finger. Pull the yarn tight and cut! The remaining yarn tail will slip inside the finger and be hidden from sight.

Blood Drops
With red yarn embroider blood drops around the top of the finger

Cut out a nail shape from white felt, attach with hot glue of fabric glue.


With brown thread or thin brown yarn embroider lines for the knuckles.

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