This cute crocheted Blobfish can be seen at the Hardware Gallery in Kentville, N.S. until March 27th!

The Nope

This may be my favorite piece showing now at the Hardware Gallery for the Prisms show! The Nope is a crocheted severed head, coated with a sealant for that extra gross look. It has clay sculpted finger bones and teeth hanging from it, as well as crochet fingers, ears, an eye and even a piece of ‘skin’! Totally creepy, but with the lights on it’s almost pretty, almost 🙂

New PRISMS exhibit opens Feb. 21: article in the local newspaper!

Hardware Gallery director Sasha Nelson with ‘Angler Fish Faux Taxidermy’

Prisms opening event is tomorrow!

Here’s another peek at one of my pieces, a Lobster Plate! Check it out at the Hardware Gallery, NS!

Prisms is now open!

Angler Fish Faux Taxidermy