2 Headed Bear

This original bear has 2 faces, also known as Diprosopus or craniofacial duplication. Both creepy and cute, and a little goofy, he’s a great piece of any oddity lover!

He sits about 7.5 inches high, and has polymer clay teeth. The smaller face side has yellow teeth, and a tiny arm.


Horror Bear Amigurumi

This creepily cute crochet bear is about 7.5 inches high. He has an adorable face, and a hollow in his belly where his entrails are leaking out. He also has a small heart and liver in his belly hole as well. Complete with hand sculpted polymer clay ribs and lots of blood, he’s sure to bit a hit with any horror lover!

Due to the delicate nature of his ribs this little guy is NOT for children. Please be careful when handling him.


Crochet Bonsai Tree

This piece measures about 16 inches high and has a wire frame to make it posable and sturdy! A great decoration for any home or office, it never needs watering and will always stay looking green and healthy!

Key To My Heart Cactus Crochet Pattern

The Key To My Heart Cactus PDF Pattern!

**This is the PDF Crochet Pattern for the Key To My Heart Cactus. Not the finished product**

It’s the perfect gift for any loved ones who hold the key to your heart!

This beautiful crochet cactus is heart shaped, has a bright red flower on top and a vintage key attached to the front. It stands about 7 inches high.

This pattern will walk you through creating your very own Key To My Heart Cactus!
The finished size is approximately 7 inches (17 cm) high.

Xenomorph Amigurumi

After finishing the crochet Facehugger I had to make a cute xenomorph amigurumi 🙂

Bunny Cactus Amigurumi

This cute little Bunny Cactus is the perfect touch for your desk or nursery!

He stands 4.5 inches high, and comes with his own terracotta pot.