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Eye Ball Rose Crochet Pattern

Eye Ball Rose Crochet Pattern

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Red Rose with Eyeball Center Crochet Pattern!

Ever feel like your plants are watching you? Well this one definitely will be!

✅One of a kind red rose plant with an eyeball center pattern, this cute little flower is perfect to make for your home or office:)

✅Measuring about 9 inches high, it won't take up a lot of space, but will add a big touch of personality to any room!

✅Yarn Needed:
Brown (if adding dirt base)
Suggested Brands: Red Heart Super Saver or similar

✅Other Tools:
Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
Floral wire (or any piece of smaller gauge wire available)
Floral Tape. Alternately you can wrap green yarn tightly around the wire
Felt Pieces: Small round piece of green and black felt.Larger piece of brown or green felt
Crochet Hook: 3mm (if a different size hook is used the project will be slightly smaller/larger, which is fine!)

MC : magic circle
SC: single crochet
HD: half double crochet
DC: double crochet
SL ST: slip stitch
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
CH: chain
BL: back loop

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