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Severed Toes Crochet Pattern

Severed Toes Crochet Pattern

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Welcome to the Grotesquerie!!

All manner of strange things have been found the abandoned shed....


In the woods, there stands a shed,
Abandoned, forsaken, and left for dead.
It holds a trove of morbid things,
In jars and bottles, terrors spring

Inside, it smells of must and dust,
The floor lined with spider webs and rust.
But what lies on the shelves is so much worse,
Deformed creatures and a medical curse.

Bottles filled with human toes,
Preserved with care, no one knows
The story behind this grotesque display,
Or who visited the shed and left it this way.

There's a jar with a stool sample inside,
A human heart and a tumor to abide.
And in the back corner, a chilling sight,
Aborted fetuses on display, halting a life's delight.

The shed stands in the woods alone,
An unsolvable mystery left on its own.
What secrets hide within its walls
Do you dare answer, when the shed calls



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