About Me

Hi there! Just a bit of info about me, for the curious :)

My name, (surprise!) it's Jody! I live in Nova Scotia, with my partner and our 2 ferrets. I draw my inspiration from horror, and folk art, and try to combine the 2 in yarn form. I love creating new, and strange amigurumi, and sharing them with you! Whether it's the plush item or a pattern, I hope you'll find something you love!


Thanks for stopping by! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here's a few of my achievements so far......

2016 World Amigurumi Exhibition Vol. 3 – Materials –

2017 World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 4: Dolls for Daily Life!

Oct 2018:  I had 2 pieces showing in the Hardware Gallery in Kentville, N.S. for the [g]astronomy exhibit.

Feb 2019: “Prisms” ran from Feb 15th-Mar 27th at the Hardware Gallery in Kentville, N.S. Also featuring the beautiful artwork of Miyoshi Kondo.

2019 World Amigurumi Exhibition Vol. 5 Threatened Threads: Protect our Endangered Amigurumi!