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Severed Hand with a Corpse Flower

Severed Hand with a Corpse Flower

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Severed Hand with a Corpse Flower plush soft sculpture crochet pattern!

Who doesn't need/want a severed hand sculpture? And what better way to cover that smell than with a blooming corpse flower?

✅One of a kind horror pattern, this interesting piece is perfect to make for your home or office:)

✅With over 100 color photos this pattern is fun and easy to follow!

✅Measuring about 15 inches high, it won't take up a lot of space, but will add a big touch of personality to any room!

✅Yarn Needed:
Skin Tone (your choice)
Medium Green
Light Green

✅Suggested Brands: Suggested Brands: Caron x Pantone Bamboo or similar Medium (4) weight

✅Other Tools:
Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
White felt
Brown thread or thin yarn
Glue or Hot Glue gun
5 Pieces of wire (approximately 15 inches each)
Small Pliers
Masking tape (or tape of your choice)
Wooden Skewer

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