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Cuterus Lemonade Pattern

Cuterus Lemonade Pattern

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When life gives ya Lemons and a Cuterus.......make Cuterus Lemonade!

Get the patterns to make the Cuterus and Lemons in one great pack!

✅Yarn Needed:
Light Yellow
Dark Yellow

✅Suggested Brands: Impeccable by Loops & Threads or Red Heart Super Saver or similar Medium weight

✅Other Tools:
3.5mm Hook
Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
Stick pins or needles
Floral wire (50 cm, 20”) (optional)
Stitch marker
Darning needle
10 mm saftey eyes
Grey and Brown Craft foam (or felt can be used)
Red and Yellow paint
Hot Glue (or needle and thread)
Long skewer (if using wire)
Floral tape (if using wire)

magic circle
CH- chain
SC: single crochet
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
BLO: back loop only

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