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Tongue Plant Crochet Pattern

Tongue Plant Crochet Pattern

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This pattern will walk you through creating your very own Tongue Plant, ready to be planted in your favorite coffee mug!

✅Great for desks or anywhere you need a few tentacles! Also perfect for creepy Halloween decor!

✅The finished size is approximately 18 cm (7”) high.

✅Yarn Needed:

✅Suggested Brands: Impeccable by Loops & Threads or Red Heart Super Saver or similar Medium weight

✅Other Tools:
3.5mm Hook
Darning needle
Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
Glue Gun or Fabric Glue or Needle & Thread
Stick pins or needles
Stitch marker
Red Felt
1 Piece of wire (approximately 55cm or 22” long) (optional)
Long skewer (if using wire)
Pliers (if using wire)
Coffee mug

✅Note: I use 14 - 16 gauge wire (from electrical wiring), but you can also use 2-4 strands of floral wire, twisted together, or, if you like, no wire at all!

magic circle
CH- chain
SC: single crochet
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
BLO: back loop only

✅*Special Stiches*
French Knot
Bullion Stitch

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