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Weed Nug Pattern

Weed Nug Pattern

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This pattern will walk you through creating your very own Weed Nug!

The crocheted form is covered with French Knots and Bullion stitches in shades of green, brown and red to give the perfect weed coloring!

✅The finished size is approximately 10 cm (4”) tall.

*Hand Cramp Warning*
The Nug is covered in French Knots and Bullion stitches. Completing this can place a great deal of stress on the hands, and it is recommended to take breaks, often. I suggest performing hand & finger stretches as well.

✅Yarn Needed:
(or any base color, will not be visible in the final product)
4 Shades of Green
(the shades should vary, but the colors are up to you!)

✅Suggested Brands: Impeccable by Loops & Threads or Red Heart Super Saver or similar Medium weight

✅Other Tools:
3.5mm Hook
Darning needle

magic circle
CH: chain
St: stitch
SC: single crochet
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
Sl St: slip stitch
FO: fasten off

✅*Embroidery Stitches*
French Knot
Bullion Stitch

Want to skip the hand cramps and buy one instead? Yeah, I get it ....... and you can buy one here!

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