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Yara ma yha who Pattern + Coloring Page

Yara ma yha who Pattern + Coloring Page

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Yara ma yha who is a creature from Australian mythology.

He's described as being a small, frog-like man, with red skin, a big head, and a very large mouth.

He also has no teeth, and suckers on the ends of his hands and feet!

The Yara ma yha who is said to live in fig trees, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to rest under a tree. Then he drops down, drains the victims blood, and swallows him whole! After which, he takes a nap.

When he awakens, the Yara ma yha who regurgitates the victim, leaving them shorter (and slightly redder) than before the encounter. The Yara ma yha who will repeat this process several times, eventually transforming the victim themselves into a Yara ma yha who!


This pattern will walk you through creating your own Yara ma yha who!

✅The finished size is approximately 30 cm (12”) tall.

✅Yara ma yha who coloring page included! Simply print out the last page of the PDF!

✅Yarn Needed:

✅Suggested Brands: Impeccable by Loops & Threads or Red Heart Super Saver or similar Medium weight

✅Other Tools:
3.5 mm Hook
Darning needle
stick pins
Polyfil or stuffing of your choice
8mm safety eyes

magic circle
CH- chain
SC: single crochet
INC: increase
DEC: decrease
(suggested Invisible Decrease, see Page 6)
FO: fasten off
FL: front loop
BL: back loop
BLO: back loop only
✅*Special Stitches*
Surface single crochet

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