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Yara ma yha who Plush (made to order)

Yara ma yha who Plush (made to order)

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Yara ma yha who is a creature from Australian mythology.

He's described as being a small, frog-like man, with red skin, a big head, and a very large mouth.

He also has no teeth, and suckers on the ends of his hands and feet!

The Yara ma yha who is said to live in fig trees, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to rest under a tree. Then he drops down, drains the victims blood, and swallows him whole! After which, he takes a nap.

When he awakens, the Yara ma yha who regurgitates the victim, leaving them shorter (and slightly redder) than before the encounter. The Yara ma yha who will repeat this process several times, eventually transforming the victim themselves into a Yara ma yha who!

Now you can adopt your own Yara ma yha who!

✅The size is approximately 30 cm (12”) tall.

✅This item is made to order just for you! Usual time for creation is 1-2 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbary Roosenberg

I had the honor to test this pattern. It is absolutely fantabulous. And what a great write up about it. It's a keeper Jody ❤️

Rebecca Rowland, author
Simply awesome

The YaraMaYhaWho is a little known boogeyman creature from Aboriginal folklore, and yet, Jody not only selected it to add to her arsenal of monsters, she SLAYED it with her craftsmanship in knitting it. He now sits on my bedroom shelf (staring hungrily at me) but will be going on the road with me to adorn my table as I sell horror books this fall and winter. If she wants to mail me some of her business cards, I’ll put them next to him. He’ll definitely be a conversation piece! You rock, Jody!

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I hope he's great company for you on your travels! I absolutely will send you some business cards as well!! Thanks again Rebecca!!